↓  UPDATE 8 OCT  ↓ 


It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the cancellation of the Church of PYKE’s first music worship service (due to take place this evening).

Yesterday we were called by the municipality of Tilburg and asked about our worship service tonight. They soon realized that our religion and event was totally legal and undeniable. However, the municipality was willing to impose a penalty of €30,000 and possible other sanctions on our location (the only location that wanted to stick its neck out for our concept). The municipality made it very clear they were prepared to do anything, including completely crushing a catering business that has been struggling for a year and a half already, if we don’t cancel.

We know that this will come as an enormous disappointment, not only to the PYKE Team, and the Church of PYKE members but also to the thousands of people internationally who have reached out in support of our church.

We can no longer sit still and let another entrepreneur bleed for our beliefs. The Church of PYKE will have to find another place where the municipality cannot blackmail other parties and trample our constitutional right to religion. We hope to be able to welcome you there with love and freedom. Everyone who is the victim of this blackmail by the municipality will be compensated by us: speakers, musicians, and fellow believers. You don’t have to suffer from our fight for equal rights. (Please check your emails)

We want to thank everyone for their massive support.

This is not the end of Church of PYKE; it’s only the beginning.

See you very soon,



↑  UPDATE 8 OCT  ↑ 

Welcome to the church of PYKE

We proudly announce the Church of PYKE: the first liberal church for everyone looking for real redemption. For everyone wishing to pray to the god of freedom, there is now a chapel. For all those looking for salvation on the dance floor, there will be a church. For each and everyone whose heart beats for culture and real connections, we will build cathedrals.





Jolene on vinyl



Tijn van Tijn



About the event


A legal party that bypasses the COVID-19 restrictions and thus can continue on passed midnight


October 8, from 21:00 until 04:00.


Somewhere in Tilburg. Precise location details will be announced two days (48 hours) before the start of the event via our instagram account. Hope to see you there!


Wait... a church? A party? What?

Here’s the deal: if you’re an official church (which we are) and you’re holding an open mass (eredienst) for your members within a confined area (besloten plaats); you are protected by the Dutch constitution, which guarantees your right to exercise your religion (Art. 6). You can’t sing or dance together after midnight in the Netherlands right now, but if it’s an official religious act, you can.

So it’s kinda weird, but this is why you’re not purchasing a regular event ticket: you’re purchasing temporary membership for the Church of PYKE, which then opens its doors for you and gives you the constitutional protection you need to enrich your spirit and feel whole again. Welcome to our church: believe in yourself.

The ten commandments

1. Profession of faith


  1. There is a deeply embedded belief at the Church of PYKE that true Freedom is the road to happiness and a good life. No thought should be judged before it’s openly discussed, and everyone is the sole master of their own internal beliefs. There are billions of humans living their lives, and you are only living one. So, in the end, what do you truly know?

2. Rituals of faith


  1. Baptize in PYKE Seltzer
  2. Vow to think freely and live life with an open mind

3. Donate

Islam, Zakat

  1. If you’re wealthy, you should give some away to causes you deem important. Being greedy is a bad trait. As the late fathers and grandfathers of the PYKE founders used to say: giving doesn’t make you poorer (geven maakt je niet armer).

4. Don’t kill


  1. We take this even further, as to imply a zero-tolerance policy on hate, discrimination, violence, and unwanted intimidation of all kinds. Life’s already tough, so why should we make it tougher? Paradoxically, this leads to the rule that intolerance will not be tolerated.

5. Don’t steal


  1. Simple, right? Also, a good house rule. Just don’t actively try to acquire anything that is not in line with these values. Be in good faith with yourself and your actions.

6. Don’t lie


  1. Samesies… we’ll never judge a thought, so why lie? This decreases overall trust and is thus horrible for our community. There is an old saying that goes something like this: trust comes on foot and leaves on a horse (vertrouwen komt te voet en gaat te paard). Don’t give people reasons not to trust you.

7. Strive for wisdom


  1. Pure insight. There is such a thing as science, facts, and a common understanding we all share as members of the Church of PYKE. In the pursuit of truth, no question should be left unanswered, no debate should be postponed, no prejudice should ever be made.
  2. Pure intent. We mean to do good to the world. The liberal base rule is; don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you. You can also flip it if it’s consensual. Do good unto others and the planet when you have the opportunity. There is an ancient saying that says: good walking leaves no tracks behind. And neither should you: you should be aware of your footprint in the broadest sense.

8. Right mentality


  1. Speak in the right way. Jokes can be made about anything, but you should never intentionally hurt an individual. You also wouldn’t like that, so be polite. As the old Dutch proverb goes: with the hat in hand, one can cross the entire land (met de hoed in de hand, komt met door ‘t ganse land). Be a gentleman, be a lady, be both or be none. It’s all fine, but have some class. You owe it to yourself, after all.
  2. Right way of acting. Your actions should reflect your inner thoughts and core beliefs, or you will get in trouble in the long run. There should be harmony between what you believe (mind) and what you manifest in your daily life. There is also a Spinozistic sense of dualism here, but the main thing is your mind and body should be in sync.
  3. Right way of life. The Church of PYKE promotes freedom in the broadest sense, so everyone is completely free to determine their own way to a good life. Once having your dice cast and your own choices made, you are obligated to yourself to get the maximum out of your own capacities. There is a piece of Sartre in here: noblesse obliges.

9. When doing holy work or when attending holy PYKE sessions


  1. Right effort: you should do everything you do well, or you shouldn’t do it at all. Be in good faith with yourself: Listen to yourself and trust your qualities. Step on the gas if you think this is your moment, steer clear of the situation if you think there’s something wrong. But most of all; be true to yourself.
  2. Right mindfulness: you should always be calm. You should never be angry; you should never flip out. Aggression is a virtue in certain situations, but as a human, we have the unique ability to reflect on our actions. Having this comes with the responsibility to restrain ourselves from some behaviour that might disrupt the tranquillity that is required to cope with modern life. Take your time to cool off after intense sessions and get relaxed. Life’s already stressful, so you shouldn’t be.
  3. Right concentration. Be focused or be partying your ass off. This is more than the “work hard, play hard” bullshit. This is honest yin and yang: you should do your work thoroughly, with commitment and passion. But you should also remember you’re an animal deep inside and letting your inner beast roam is what separates us, humans, from machines. We might strive to be an übermensch, but we’re human after all. This authentic part of ourselves is an increasingly important aspect of humanity and something we should fully embrace going forward.

10. Life is full of suffering; therefore, we should first and foremost be kind and loving to one another

We kind of made this one up out of everything

  1. Life is tough, and this final value reflects that realism liberally. Why we should always strive for the best and be faithful to ourselves, we do have to constantly realize it’s a fucking jungle out there. Therefore, find peace, tranquillity, and happiness, by yourself or with other people: anything is fine, as long as you don’t give in to despair, hate and madness. When you find true freedom for yourself, there is so much to live for.

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